Christmas Nightmare

This is why I love this time of year.  I woke up in a wonderful mood this morning, despite having to go to work.  I am not usually excited when I wake up in the morning, but today I was.  My daughter has her Christmas program this afternoon, and over the weekend we bought her a lovely Christmas dress and shoes.  It is going to be awesome.  I get so excited for these moments because I know I only get them once.  Sure she’ll have more Christmas programs, but not another as a 7 year old.  I will be taking tons of pictures.

I had a nightmare of sorts last night.  It was about 11pm on Christmas Eve and I just remembered that I had not gotten any stocking stuffers for my daughter.  We live in a very small town and NOTHING is open that time of night on that day.  It was terrible.  It may sound silly to a lot of people, but I always want my daughter to have a perfect Christmas, and this would have just ruined that for me.  I told my husband about it and he laughed and said “That would be YOUR nightmare”. 

Maybe I overdo it a bit for Christmas, but this is the first year where my mother’s death has not felt like a heavy blanket that is weighing me down all the time, and darnit, I am going to enjoy it.


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