Busy Christmas Bee

Wow, I’ve been so busy lately that I just haven’t had time to put together a blog post.  Christmas is so close now, just 8 days away, and I still have so much to do!  I don’t have one single present wrapped, still have cookies to bake and ornaments to make.  This weekend will be full of Christmasy things. 

My daughter’s Christmas program was fantastic.  My only gripe was that there were not enough traditional Christmas songs.  I didn’t recognize a single one.  They were all so adorable though, I must have taken 50 pictures.

I got my sister’s Christmas card in the mail yesterday.  She included some professional pictures that she had taken with her husband and son and they are fantastic.  She looks so happy being a wife and mom.  She’s so beautiful too, looks so much like our mother.  She is all excited about her first Christmas with her son.  I wish we could all spend it together, but alas, not this year.

Tonight is the annual PTO movie night at the theater.  We are going to see the Princess and the Frog and we are so excited!  My daughter has never seen a classic Disney animated movie in the theater and I think she’s going to love it.  I love the Pixar movies, but it was about time they got back to their roots.  Their traditional animated movies are so fantastic.  My husband is going too, so it will be a fun night all around.


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