I woke up this morning without having anything pressing to do.  I picked up the house last night and swept the floors and the house is in pretty good shape.  Our Christmas Eve festivities don’t start until this evening, so it’s been a pretty relaxing morning.

There’s a Ghost Hunters Marathon on Scyfy and my daughter and I have been watching it.  I’ve always been so interested in this show.  I’m not sure what I believe, as I’ve never had a personal experience, but I’d like to think that spirits live on.  I like Ghost Hunters as opposed to other shows of this type because they go in there wanting to debunk what could be paranormal.  They try to find any and all logical explanations for the “phenomena” going on.  Some of these other shows will take every little noise or odd light they see as paranormal and that’s just silly.  It makes for good drama, but nothing else.  The Ghost Hunters have found lots of things that they couldn’t debunk, and I must admit, I find it fascinating.

I’ve often heard people tell of being able to sense a loved one who has passed on, and I think this is why I’ve been so interested in the possibility.  I would love nothing more than my mother to make some kind of contact with me.  Show me that she is still with me, in some form.  I’ve never felt anything.  The only time I feel close to my mother is when I am actively seeking out memories of her, and that is just nostalgia, not anything more than that.

Maybe my mother just didn’t have any unfinished business here, and felt no reason to stay or visit.  Maybe she is in heaven living a blessed life.  Maybe I won’t ever see or feel her again until I make it there.  It’s definitely something I think about fairly often.  I do hope that she looks down and watches her granddaughter grow up.  She would have loved her to pieces.


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