It’s Almost Over…

My stress level is very low today, which also means my anxiety level is low.  Yay for me.

I got so much packing done this weekend.  I was thouroughly impressed with myself.  The only thing really left to pack up is the bathroom and part of the kitchen.  The kitchen is hubby’s job, so I don’t have to worry myself with that.  Hubby has lined up a truck and trailer with his friend for this weekend to get everything moved.  I thought we’d have to rent a U-haul, so this is another worry off my mind.

There is so much to think about though.  I put in our change of address form this morning, and I have to make a list of everyone I need to call to change our address with.  I also just found out that open enrollment for my daughter’s school starts next week too, so I have to fill out the forms for that.  She loves her school, but we are moving to a different district.  I want to keep her there if I can.

I’m getting more excited as the days go by.  We went to the new apartment on Saturday to check it out again, and so I could get a better look at where things are, how big the closets are and such.  It is so nice.  I can’t wait to do my first load of laundry and my first load of dishes.  It sounds silly to be so excited about these things, but having gone without a dishwasher, washer and dryer for so long, it makes me giddy to have them again.

I should have an easy week at work, which I really need.  I didn’t get any time to really relax this weekend because of all the packing and I didn’t sleep very well.  I’ve been so worried about everything.  Very soon, this will all be over.


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