Moving Day Approaches

Well, it’s only two days now until Moving Day.  We will hopefully have everything moved by the afternoon on Saturday.  My hubby and his friend have already moved so much.  They take a load over every night before work, and that has been a great help.  Tonight I have to finish packing up the kitchen.  Tomorrow night I will be getting all the big stuff ready for moving on Saturday morning. 

My daughter is staying the night with my aunt tomorrow, which will be so nice.  She’s such a good girl, but I’d rather her not be in the middle of all the commotion while we are moving.  The cats will be in the new place Saturday evening.  I’m curious as to how they are going to do.  We bought them a cat tower to reduce the scratching on the carpet, and they’ve never had one before.  It will be very amusing.

Sunday will be spent getting the new apartment in order well enough for us to be comfortable.  I must say that I hate unpacking a little less than I hate packing.  The worst is done.

I’m so looking forward to Sunday.


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