My Awesome Home

I am feeling flipping fantastic today.  I finished unpacking and setting up my kitchen last night, and it looks great.  I have these wonderful Callaway pieces that I’ve collected since I was 18.  The link doesn’t show everything, as I also have a cookie jar, canisters, salt and pepper shakers and sugar and creamer containers.  I couldn’t display all of them at the old apartment because the kitchen was so tiny.  I cleaned them all up and have them all over the kitchen.  It looks so nice.  Now I wish I could have live plants because an ivy would be a nice finishing touch.  It’s too bad my cats would murder it.

I also managed to get my daughter’s room all put together and ready to go for her sleepover tonight.  We were supposed to only have one friend, but she talked me into having two friends over.  I figured why not.  She’s been such a good girl throughout this entire process and she deserves a reward.  She’s already got the entire night planned out.  It should be fun.

Tomorrow I am going to the old apartment for the last time.  We need to clean it from top to bottom.  I’ll be glad to get that all finished and not think about it anymore.  I hate that apartment and I don’t miss one damn thing about it.  It was such a shitty dump.  I honestly feel bad that we lived there for so long.  It was not a good place to have my daughter in.  Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. 

We’re finally in a place that we can be proud of and feel safe in.


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  1. some people just hide in plain sight
    Feb 06, 2010 @ 20:13:55

    I’m so glad your move went well and you feel at home and safe. That must be such a relief.


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