Innocent Souls Don’t Deserve This

Today has not been a good day so far.  I’m giving this one to myself.  I got a call at 1:30 am that my aunt is in the hospital and they called all the family in because it didn’t look good.  This aunt is the only one who has never disappointed me and has always been so gentle and kind.  She is an innocent soul.  She was born with cerebral palsy and has had many health problems over the years.  No matter what has happened to her, she’s always been sweet and wonderful.

Apparently, she had the flu for a few days with vomiting and diarrhea.  She’s on a plethora of medication and two of them are diuretics that her doctor did not stop.  This, of course, left her severely dehydrated.  She also developed a urinary tract infection which went undetected for days and turned septic.  Her kidneys shut down.

At one point last night, the doctor said that she had about 10 minutes to live.  She was so dehydrated that her veins kept popping every time they tried to do an IV.  Finally, they were able to get a central line and an arterial line in her so that they could start constant dialysis.  Her system is so full of bacteria and so dehydrated that they are trying to flush her system.  At this moment, she is still fighting, but it looks grim.

She is such a sweet soul and doesn’t deserve this.  She has the mentality of a 5 year old child, so when she is able to open her eyes for a moment, she has the most terrified look on her face.  You can’t explain to her what is happening, she just knows it’s not good.  I was able to see her for a few minutes.  I held her hand and spoke to her.  She looked into my eyes and seemed calm.

She’s been through so much in her life and through it all she has been wonderfully sweet and gentle.  It makes me so angry.  She lives in an apartment by herself with caregivers there 24 hours a day.  Why did they not see what was happening?  How could her doctor be so incompetent?  They are paid to watch and care for her.  She can’t express herself like a normal human being, and I imagine she was in agony for awhile before anyone noticed.

Now, she is fighting for her life when this could have all been prevented.  I sit here waiting for a phone call with news either way.  Please keep her in your prayers.


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