Yellow Roses

My favorite flower is the Yellow Rose.  It always has been, since I was little.  Part of it has to do with my love of my homeland…Texas.  Most of it is the simple beauty and delicate fragrance.  This flower really makes me happy.

I’ve never been real big on flowers, but this one is just something else.

I looked up the meaning of the Yellow Rose, simply out of curiosity.  Interestingly enough, when these roses were introduced, the color yellow symbolized jealousy and dying love.  Nice, huh?  Over time though, the roses have gained the more original symbolism of the color yellow.  Warmth, joy, friendship and happiness.

I like that much better.

I’ve been trying to step back and enjoy the little things in life more because I am usually so worried about everything.  It is so easy to pass up the simple things when your mind is overwhelmed with worries, past hurts and negativity.  I am trying to be genuinely more happy.  It’s a truly hard concept to incorporate into my life, but I am actively trying.

I need to remember to stop and smell the roses.


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