I’m feeling lonely tonight.  Hubby is working until tomorrow morning and my daughter is at a friends house for the night.  I have all my cleaning and laundry done, so now I have all this free time, and I’m not sure what to do with it.

I couldn’t find any  good “insane” movies to stream on netflix, but I did watch Mr. Frost, which is pretty good.

It would be a great opportunity for me to do some introspection and healing work while I’m here alone, but I find myself feeling unsafe and on edge when I do that without my hubby here.  He’s the only person in my life who I feel completely safe with, and he is very open to new revelations and memories that I come across when I’m doing my healing work.

I don’t like delving into the dark recesses of my soul without some support close by.  It can get ugly.  My hubby wasn’t there when I had a breakthrough about my mother.  I had to call him because I felt so vulnerable, and it scared me.  Breakthroughs are wonderful things, but they leave you in a state of rawness.  I could have a breakthrough at any second during my healing exercises.

Maybe I’ll pick up the Necroscope book I’m reading or play some mindless game on Facebook.  At least I know I’ll feel safe.


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