Happiness at Work

Things are starting to look up.  We got our tax return yesterday, so now we have money to get tires on the car, get the cat neutered and even have some left over to get the child some new clothes.  She has hit a massive growth spurt lately, and has grown out of almost everything.

This was a great weight off my mind.  Things at work are even heading in the right direction.  The new division is slowly but surely getting it’s bearings.  There’s much more to do, but it’s better.  I still tend to keep to myself because most everyone in the office is dealing with something they don’t want to be, and it makes them crabby.

I have always been able to project an air of pleasantness, even on my worst day.  I don’t like anyone being able to read my moods, especially at work.  It’s uncomfortable for people to ask me what’s wrong, or prompt people to stay away from me because I’m being bitchy.

I find my days at work are much better when I’m chipper and helpful, even when I don’t want to be.  I do have to spend a good portion of my life here, and even though I don’t want to, it must be done.  I have to help support my family.  I’m a good actress in that respect I guess.  Ultimately, it makes me feel good that I can project positive energy instead of negative. 

I must admit to enjoying all the extra work that has been handed to me lately.  It feels good to be in the vortex of a huge problem and being the one to pull it in and make sure it is being handled correctly.  When I question something that a Manager has done wrong, and am right, it’s fantastic.  It makes me feel a bit smug, and I like it.  Also, the more work I have, the quicker the day goes and I can get to the things in life I enjoy.

So I keep trudging on, focusing on the little things at work that make me feel good.  One day I’ll get the recognition I deserve.


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