I’m reading this book:

One of my largest problems is my excessive worrying.  I have a high amount of anxiety, and frankly, it’s making me lose my mind.  I’m constantly thinking about things that need to be done, and past mistakes that I have made.  Worry, worry, worry.  That’s why I can’t sleep at night, or even really relax because my head is swirling with these thoughts.

I am a Christian, but I think Buddhism has a lot of great principles that anyone could apply to their lives, regardless of faith.

Meditation is one of them.  I’ve always been curious about it because I’ve heard it can be great for stress, and lord knows, I am one stressed-out soul.  I do it to myself, but it doesn’t make it easy to release it.

I started doing a bit of research about beginner meditation because it really is something I would love to incorporate into my life.  Many people who avidly practice meditation have recommended this book if you are just starting out.

I have to admit that I learned a lot about meditation I didn’t know before opening this book.  Mindfulness or present-moment awareness is a basic principle that I was completely flabbergasted by when I first read about it.  Basically, it’s being aware of this particular moment in time and appreciating it.  It’s being aware of who you are in that particular moment.  It’s learning to let your mind quiet down and just be.

Life is nothing but a series of moments, and they are all important.  I know that I don’t spend enough time appreciating everything around me.  I am too damn worried all the time about future events, that I let the present pass me by.  I don’t want to end up on my deathbed and wonder what the hell I did with my life.

I want to be able to see each moment of my life as a wonderful event, and appreciate everything I have, everything I am, everyone I love and everything I have overcome.

It was a bit of an epiphany for me when I read about mindfulness.  It was like a switch going off.  Where the hell has my life gone?  How can I appreciate my LIFE when I am constantly worried about everything.  Do I really want to be 80 years old and finally realize that all that worrying didn’t do me a damn bit of good?  Hell, no.

So, I will continue reading this book.  I will start meditating, and then maybe I will be able to sleep.


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  1. Jim
    Mar 16, 2010 @ 17:50:02

    Well your not alone on this one, everybody worries… some just a lot more than others. Honestly, I have never heard someone say that worrying was helpful in resolving an issue, yet we all do it. A nervous habit I guess.

    Meditation to me is a powerful tool I can use to calm my soul and connect with what is important in life. Meditation is not easy for me though, my mind wanders and I get restless. So instead of the traditional sitting in a calm place, sometimes I take a walk. So far so good and I have been able to sit and meditate a little more as a result.


    • insaneheart09
      Mar 17, 2010 @ 07:28:31

      This was one thing I “worried” about. I get restless too, but I’m willing to go the distance to make it work for me. It will be tough, but I think it will be really beneficial in the long run.


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