Restful Sleep

It’s been two nights so far on the Ambien, and I must say that it has been a complete turnaround.  The night before last, I only woke up once during the night and last night I slept right up until my alarm.  I’m still feeling a bit worn out, but I think it will take a bit of time for my body to adjust from the lack of sleep for so long.

It’s a great relief.  I don’t want to become dependant on these meds, but I am glad I found something that really helps.  Hopefully now that I can sleep, that will filter into the rest of my life and things will get on the right track again.

I’ve already noticed a real difference in my mood.  A couple good nights of sleep really does wonders.  I don’t feel like I’m dragging ass all day long, and I don’t feel like every movement and responsibility is agony.  It’s a good thing.  I can feel myself getting lighter and I’m not so irritable.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed with the Ambien is that it is a deeper sleep than I am used to.  I don’t hear or see anything.  When I wake up in the morning, it feels like it’s been just a moment since I went to bed.  I haven’t dreamed the past two nights either. 

So, in other words, I’ve gotten really fitful sleep.  I haven’t had that in years.  I’m not ready to buy stock yet, but this little 5mg pill has already done wonders for my life and health.

Now, I need to work on my anxiety.  If I can get my anxiety under control, then eventually I shouldn’t need the pills anymore.  For the time being though, this is an awesome feeling.

I no longer dread the nights.  I no longer spend them chasing something I could never catch.


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