El Tequila

Tonight, the family and I are going to the brand new Mexican restaurant that opened on Monday.  We are all really excited because we haven’t had an authentic Mexican restaurant in our town for a few years.  My husband is from San Diego, so he just loves his Mexican food.  My daughter is the same way, and I enjoy it too.

What I enjoy more is the actual event of eating out.  We try to eat dinner together at home as often as we can.  My husband works 12 hour night shifts.  On the days that he works, that’s the only time we have to spend together before he’s off.  There’s always some kind of distraction at home though.  The radio or the TV is on, or we are watching the cats be ridiculous.

When we go out to a sit-down place, the focus is on great food and great conversation.  It’s a good time for us to catch up on our lives and enjoy each others company without too many distractions.  It’s like putting our busy lives on pause for a moment and enjoying the little things that make everything else worthwhile.

My daughter misses her daddy during the week.  She barely gets to see him on the days he works, and on his nights off, he’s really exhausted.  He does make sure to spend some time with her, but I know he feels like it’s not enough.

So, tonight will be about family and good food.  I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. Jim
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 12:52:22

    Mmmm authentic Mexican food is the best, es bueno para la salud! Eating out just simplifies life, I think you’re right it allows for good conversation and the focus to be on each other. The best parts – no prep, no dishes & no worries!


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