The Mexican restaurant was a big hit.  Two thumbs up.

I almost feel like a bad mother today.

My daughter rarely gets grounded.  She is a very good kid and we never really have problems with her.  One thing we do not tolerate is her not doing her schoolwork.  She’s an extremely bright girl, and when she does her work, she gets As just about every time.

We’ve had a problem in the past where she skips over some of her work and she gets marked down for it.  It will bring her grade down from an A to a C or D.  This is unacceptable.  We aren’t ogres, and if she were having problems understanding her assignments, we would help her.  However, this is her simply being lazy.

This is work that she does in school so we can’t check it before she hands it in.  We thought we had it nipped in the bud, but last night she brought home another assignment that she skipped on.  She got a C on it, and we were not happy.

We explained to her again how school is her job and she needs to make sure she is doing her job.  We asked her why she skipped it and she shrugged.

She is grounded for the weekend.  No friends, no TV and no computer.

I have to admit that her being grounded means more relax time for me.  Normally the child is forever spending her weekends with friends.  That means mom is either taking her back and forth or bringing her friends over here to spend the night, and of course, keeping them entertained.

I must admit to enjoying not having to do that for one weekend.  It’s also nice that I don’t have to fight with her for TV time or computer time.

So yes, I almost feel like a bad mother today for not feeling bad about her being punished…almost.


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