Intuitive Collage

Thanks to my friend Kate and her excellent resources, I did a healing project this weekend.  It’s called an “Intuitive Collage” .  I’ve been cutting out pictures for a couple weeks, and this Saturday evening, I finally sat down to put them all together.

I must say that the experience in itself was very relaxing.  I’m a perfectionist at heart, so it probably took me close to two hours to get all the pieces pasted together exactly how I wanted them.  I chose pictures that caught my eye or sparked something in me, even if only slightly.

After I finished the collage, I really studied it for awhile.

It was me.

It was who I am, who I want to be, abilities I have and abilities I want.  It really was amazing.  I didn’t think much about the pictures themselves.  I chose and arranged them on a more open level.  I didn’t look at the picture and think, “well, this means that” or “this describes me”.

But wow, when I was done, that’s what I saw.  I saw me on a very deep level, in every picture.  It made me smile.

My husband studied it for awhile as well, and he thought it was beautiful, and said I should frame it.  That made me beam.  It sounds a little self-serving I guess, but it made me think that he sees beauty in my inner self.  This is something I can’t do.

All in all, it was a wonderful project, and I will be doing another one soon.  It made me feel rather good about myself, and that is very healing.

My self-image became just a little bit better this weekend, and that’s huge progress.


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  1. kate1975
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 13:52:43

    So exciting. So huge. Good for you. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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