How I Quit Smoking

I held off on posting about this until I knew for sure that this was working for me.  I have quit smoking about a 100 times in the past and never got past 3 days until I caved.  I’ve tried the patches, the lozenges, and, of course, good ole cold turkey.  I failed miserably with it all.

So what is working?  The Electronic Cigarette, or E-cig for short.  I’ve been using it for over a month now.

My husband and I bought the Tornado E-NI from Totally Wicked:

The E-cig is flipping awesome.  You “smoke” it like a cigarette, but all you are smoking is water vapor.  You get your dose of nicotine without all the carcinogens of tobacco smoke.

The E-cig is made up of three parts:

The battery – which is rechargeable.

The atomizer – which is what heats up the liquid and produces the vapor.

The cartridge/mouthpiece – which is the part you actually “vape” on.

There are a plethora of flavors of E-juice that you can purchase, all for very reasonable prices.  On average, you can go through 30ml of E-juice per month, which costs about $15.  Compare this to $180 per month spent on cigarettes and you can see the cost savings immediately.

The health benefits are wonderful as well.  My lungs feel clearer, and I can breathe deeper.  Not to mention, there is no more smoke smell lingering around me, and my senses of taste and smell are improving.

I believe that the reason this is working better than anything I’ve tried before is that I am not only addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes, but I also have a strong psychological addiction.  I need the cigarette at certain times of the day (when I wake up, after meals, driving), and I need the “hand-to-mouth” motion.  With everything else I tried, I was giving up too much all at once. 

With the E-cig, I can slowly lower my nicotine intake until I am at zero, and then I can work on the psychological addictions.

The only drawback that I have with it is that it is definitely more work than just lighting up a cigarette.  You have to fill the cartridge with E-juice when it’s low, make sure that your battery is charged and keep the atomizer clean.  You need to keep a supply of replacement parts just in case they break (mine haven’t yet).

I love experimenting with new E-juice flavors, though I like to vape a tobacco flavor mostly.  My husband got a Bananas Fosters flavor that is to die for.

All in all, this was a great decision.  My husband did tons of research before we made our purchase.  The initial investment puts a lot of people off, but it pays for itself in no time.  I am very happy with the results.

I suggest that if you are trying to quit smoking, or you are just looking for a healthier alternative, then please check out the Vapers Forum for more information.

I can’t recommend it enough.


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