Wake Up Call

I’m not doing too hot today.  I got a call last night from an aunt, telling me that my uncle is in the hospital.  He has been a heavy, heavy drinker for years.  He’s been sick for about 10 days, and is extremely jaundice.  That means his liver is shutting down.  As I write this, we are waiting on the test results to come back so we know how bad it is.

This particular uncle stepped in and became my father figure after my own father abandoned me.  He went through hell after all that happened because him and my father were the best of friends.  It really broke his heart that my father turned out to be the man he was.  I know that to this day, it still haunts him.

My earliest memory of him is shortly after I was forced to move to Wisconsin to live with my mother’s family (he is my mother’s brother).  I didn’t know these people, and it was a pretty terrifying experience.  He took me to the store and bought me a barbie doll.  I was thrilled.

This man has been there for me through thick and thin.  He’s always dropped whatever he was doing to help me whenever I needed him too.  This included driving into town in the middle of the night because some drunk asshole smashed out a window in my car.  He’s always been very protective over me, going so far as to inspect my husband for earrings and tattoos when we first started dating.  I think he felt like it was the right thing to do after my father’s mistreatment of me.

He also thinks the world of my baby girl.  He was the first person to give her a bit of chocolate as a baby.  He always has candy for her when we go to his house, and caters to her every whim while she’s there.  He loves her to pieces.

Over the past couple of years, he has had a lot of problems.  He hadn’t been able to work since a farm accident took 3 of his fingertips.  He was diagnosed with bone cancer, and has been battling that.  He was slowely going downhill.  To make matters worse, his been a heavy drinker for so many years that his poor liver just can’t handle it anymore.

He is one of those very proud men who never saw himself as having a problem, or if so, didn’t care.  It is quite sad, and I feel helpless.  I can’t say I didn’t know it was coming, but I thought he had some years left.  He is only 44 years old.  I love him very much.

This is definitely a wake up call for me.  I cannot and will not let this happen to me.  I’ll be praying for him.


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  1. James R Owens
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 13:34:16

    I am very sorry to hear someone close to you is doing so poorly. I lost an uncle to cancer last year. i wish you all the best. It sounds as though there is a lesson to learn from this. Best of luck.


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