Money Worries No More…

I had a mini-breakdown on Saturday morning, much to my husband’s surprise.  I have obviously been having a rough few weeks, and one of the biggest anxieties on my mind is our finances.  It felt like we were just waiting for the hammer to drop and have everything pulled out from underneath us.

Now, I may be fabulous with numbers, and I love working with them, but I am the worst financial planner to ever exist.  I don’t look ahead, and just focus on trying to get the bills paid when I can.

When we moved into our new apartment, I knew it would be a  bit harder to afford.  The rent is higher and we have to pay electric, but I figured it all out and we could make it.  Well, it’s been tough.  I didn’t want to tell my husband how bad it was because I don’t like him being upset, so I’ve been struggling with this by myself for awhile.  He knew that we were behind on some bigger bills, but not to this extent.

So, this last Saturday, I fell apart.  I was feeling rather fatalistic and started bawling.  He was pretty shocked.

Being the good husband he is, he offered to take over the budget and spent Saturday evening working everything out.  We have now joined a debt consolidation service and made arrangements with another creditor with payments that we can afford.  Amazingly, after he was finished, the budget looked incredible, and we’ll even have money left over every month.

He wants to follow the Dave Ramsey financial plan which basically means that we will be paying off all of our debt before we start saving for retirement so we will be debt free sooner than later.

I’m so excited about this.  My husband really did a wonderful job in alleviating a huge part of my anxiety.  After he sat down with me and showed me the budget and showed me that we could afford it, I was instantly relieved.  It really was a wonderful feeling.

Since that is taken care of, I can focus more on my healing and recovery because my mind won’t be so wrapped up in worrying about money that we don’t have.  I love it.


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