First AA Meeting

Hubby and I went to our first AA meeting last night.  I was glad he got on board because I wasn’t sure if he was quite ready to quit drinking.  Thankfully, he decided it is finally time for the both of us.  Like he said, “It’s silly to think one of us can quit without the other.”  So true.

I was at first, very anxious and nervous.  I’m really not sure if I would have gone without hubby.  He is my rock.

The group was a decent size, and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming.  They all told their stories, and I was thankful to hear them.  It really made me feel like I have kindred spirits in this struggle.

There was a couple in the meeting who had 20+ years of sobriety for each of them.  That really warmed my heart.  It was comforting to see such a great success story.  We ended up going out for coffee with them after the meeting and they were great company.  I think we’ve made some fast friends.

I got a copy of the “Big Book” while I was at the meeting, and have been reading it this morning.  The story of the founder of AA is truly heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.  He truly hit rock-bottom before he made the decision to become sober.

I didn’t hit rock-bottom.  I still function very well despite drinking every night.  I do, however, realize that I am a slave to the juice, and need help to overcome this.

Hubby being on board is fantastic.  He loved the meeting last night, and has agreed that we go to meetings once a week.  This is all we can do because of our work schedules and the lack of meetings.

In the meantime, I will continue reading the Big Book and looking into the twelve step program.

This is a good thing, and I’m very excited about this new path.  Day 3 sober.


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