Christmas Spirit

I am full on into the Christmas spirit, and loving life.  I haven’t felt this happy in a really long time.  I must be in a much better place in my life now than I was last year at this time.  I’m not stressing about anything, and instead of feeling sorrowful for my mother, I am thinking back on our Christmas memories with joy.  Sure, she passed right after the holiday, but I remember how much she loved this time of year.  It’s time to honor her love for the season instead of obsessing over her not being here to enjoy it with me.

Our house is festively decorated, and this weekend will be spent baking tons of goodies.  My daughter is old enough now to be a partner in our baking excursions instead of a limited helper and she’s really excited.  She’s feeling the Christmas spirit just as much as I am.  Her Christmas program was the other day, and she was beaming while she sang the lovely Christmas songs.  This evening we are going gift shopping for all her cousins, and then we get to wrap them all.  Another one of her favorite things to do.  She’s a giver.

We were able to do a bit of charity this year, even though we don’t have a ton of extra money.  We filled a shoebox for children in need overseas, and we also helped out local children and the Salvation army.  I think it’s so important to teach my daughter about giving, and she took to it immediately.  She even used some of her allowance to help out.  I hope it’s something that sticks with her throughout her life.

I’ve been very much into A Christmas Carol renditions this year.  So much so, in fact, that I have watched three different versions.  I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas, and I’m hoping to get it by Monday so I can download the book by Charles Dickens to read.  I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have never read it.  I want a Dickens Christmas this year though, and my husband plans to cook a goose and all the trimmings.  I’ve never had goose, but he is an amazing cook, and I know it will turn out wonderfully.  We will have friends come and join us for dinner.

I am not forgetting the reason for the season either.  I thank Jesus for everything that He has done for me this year to help me through my rough patches.  He is grace and love, and has held my hand through all of it.


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